What is FlexBus

FlexBus is transit the way you want it. It goes where you want, when you want. It is a new generation of transit. It uses technology to respond to your ride request, deliver you to your destination, and pay for your trip – all in real-time. FlexBus is a station to station service using minibuses. It picks you up at your nearest station in response to your request and it takes you to your destination station. FlexBus is designed to pick up passengers quickly and provide them with real-time arrival information. It does not follow fixed routes like traditional buses so your trip is direct and much shorter than regular transit. FlexBus stations will be located in your neighborhood and at all the key activity centers in your community – so you can easily get to shopping, employment, community services, recreational areas and to key transit locations where you can connect with SunRail and regional bus routes for cross-town trips.

FlexBus is designed to be quick, easy to use, and cheaper than driving ($2 per trip). FlexBus provides you with another way to get around your community fast without getting in your car. You can request a ride at any FlexBus station but, if you want extra convenience, register as a FlexBus user and you will be able to request and pay for your rides via a mobile app! How cool is that?

1. Request a Ride

Request a ride and select your destination at any FlexaBus station kiosk or on your smart device.

2. Confirm Trip

Confirm trip and make payment. Your request is sent via wi-fi to a FlexBus vehicle.

3. FlexBus Arrives

While you wait, you can view real-time arrival information. Please have your boarding pass (printed or electronic).

4. You Arrive

You arrive at your destination.